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Help Wanted

What we do... First off, Thank you for inquiring about our opportunity for employment. I would like to take a bit of time to explain who we are and what we do. Our company provides a service for both boat owners and for marinas, dealers and yacht brokers by installing bow thrusters in boats. We work from maine to northern virginia and as far west as chicago. We are highly regarded in our industry and proud of our over 50 year outstanding track record in boat building, fabrication and installations. We are a small company and expand slowly and every position is a "ground floor" position with advancement opportunity coming quickly.

What we require... We are looking for a person with a desire to advance themselves personally and financially and willing to work diligently, intelligently and carefully in a team effort. We work on boats ranging from small center consoles to multi million dollar yachts. Therefore focus and care are job 1.

Applicant should possess:

  • A valid drivers license.
  • Ability to go on the road with our crew for 4 or 5 days per week normally.
  • Knowledge of use of basic hand and simple power tools.
  • Some mechanical knowledge and ability to learn more in depth to our system.
  • Reliability is a MUST as we run a small crew and every man is necessary to meet requirements and stay on schedule.
  • Flexible and positive attitude and ability to get along with others in our team to meet challenges in this interesting and dynamic business.
  • And finally the attitude and focus of safety for self and other crew members and extreme care of customer's vessel.

What we offer...

  • Starting pay scale is $200. per day or per install, whichever is more. Example... Sometimes we do 6 to 8 installs per week when they are simple boats. Pay would be $1200 to $1600 in the 4 or 5 days. Occasionally we get a bigger or complicated install and takes 2 days. For that one install pay would be $400. A normal week is to do 5 installs.
  • After the first year pay goes to $300 per install.
  • After second year goes to percentage of gross which usually goes to $500 + - per install approximately.
  • While on the road all expenses are paid, from hotels to food and whatever other expenses arrive. We do not eat dinners in McDonalds. We eat in diners and restaurants both breakfast and dinners.

The two crew members that are with me now have been with me for 14 years and the other for 11 years. I treat my people with respect and they do the same for me. We help each other and all for the mutual good of us individually and to uphold the integrity of the company. We have an impeccable reputation because we are all commited to being the best we can be and doing the job 110 per cent. We are a growing company but only can grow and maintain our integrity and quality by growing slowly with exceptional people.

If you feel that you can be this person please e mail to me your work history and skills or a resume to joemo1954@hotmail.com. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you... Joe Molinaro, owner.

4932 State Rt. 52 Jeffersonville NY 12748

Email: joemo1954@hotmail.com

Phone: (845) 551-1975










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