FIBERGLASS REPAIR & REFINISHING - from minor cosmetics to major hits, bottom peeling, custom fabrication and full restorations


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Chris Craft jet ski hit

Captain Chaos was a fairly new Chris Craft which was hit very hard by a jet ski.




This pic shows hull in duratec primer and deck ready for primer.


The following show the finished job with gel coat to match.








Scallywag rouge wave rebuild

Scallywag is an Alden 44 which I purchased from an insurance company and is my personal boat. It was rolled by a rogue wave and wound up on rocks in the Caribbean. This is one of the largest structural repairs I have done.

By the time the damaged material was removed, a 6’ high by 10’ long section of the hull was completely gone.





To regain the shape we made ribs following the outside of the boat on the port side and deducted ¾ of an inch. We next transferred the ribs to the same dimensions on the starboard side and fastened them in place, and then planked over the hole, running planks from hull to ribs then back to hull.



When all planking was done, we waxed the interior of the planking with mold release wax.



We laid up glass from the inside to meet and exceed original structural integrity and recored with 1” balsa as per original. We laid up approx 21’ inside.



New bulkheads were installed per original and the interior rebuilt.



When the interior glass work was done we removed the planking and ribs, leaving the exact shape.





We laid up the exterior with biaxial and mat to lock everything and then faired the hull.

We top coated with Awl Grip claret. Cove stripe, boot stripe and names were sprayed and then entire clear coated with Awl Grip. Truly one of the finest projects I have done.

Deck / coring repair

These are a few examples of boats where we have repaired and recored rotted decks and brought boats back to stronger and better than new.












Silverton bow repair

This Silverton had the bow sheared off by the aluminum toe rail of a sailboat that pounded at it for many hours during a hurricane. The boat was over-insured so the insurance company would not total it. We molded a section off the hull of my friend's boat which had the same hull as this one. We then glassed it into place both inside and outside, faired it to the original shape and, at the owners insistence, resprayed the entire hull with gel coat. Sanded and buffed, it looked and performed as new. We put on a new bow rail which we had custom fabricated. Inside we repaired and rebuilt the forward cabin to original specs. In the end the skeptical, meticulous owner boasted for years about the job he had gotten and how it was totally undetectable.








Bottom hits

Coincidently I repaired two of the same model trawlers, 41' Presidents, which both ran aground. One hit the rocks in the harlem river and the other hit some concrete construction debri in a cove in the Hudson river. Both were saved from sinking by a glassed in plywood covering over the hollow keel. There was much mechanical disassembly and removal to access and repair damage.